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Markdown Editors

Ok, so now we know more about markdown syntax. The next topic is what tools are there to help me write it. Here are some things that seem important (note that I am still in for dummies mode)

  • I’d like a simple editor where I can just type
    • understands markdown and gives me syntax highlighting
    • lets me easily see what the user will see
    • side by side viewing so I can see both at once
  • Lets me create new files and manage my files easily
  • Works directly with git so I can see/connect my posts
  • Spell checker would be valuable to catch pesky type-o’s


So I’m only a few hours into my first day of using Markdown. At this point I’m pretty happy with Visual Studio Code. I’m using it on my MacBook. It addressess all of the criterial above. As I type this, I have an adjacent window open showing a view of the output text. VS-Code also provides a view of my file system and I can easily create a new post and start working on it. Since it understands Git, i can commit this without leaving the editor. Note that I still have to push from my local git back to my blog on GitHub

Regards, –Dave.