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Markdown Lessons Learned

Note that this will be my last post on Markdown. It’s time to move on to something else.

Ok, I noticed some odd layout in my previous posts. Some of the text that i entered was not wrapping properly on different size devices. It was as if it didn’t auto wrap. As I’m typing this, I’m entering new lines to keep the text that I’m entering from scrolling off of the editor window. But when it is rendered, i’m expexting that it will all flow correctly to show the text as a single formatted paragraph. The problem is that it wasn’t doing that on my previous post.

In my research, I found the following article Markdown Cheatsheet

It describes behavior of word wrapping. It turns out that if you put in two trailing spaces at the end of a line then the markdown will force a hard line break. When I went back to my previous posts I saw that I had done just that in a couple of places!

So I removed the extra spaces and Voila!! Sure enough everything is working great again.