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React.js Getting Started - Pluralsight

I’ve been a subscriber to Pluralsight for a few years now. I love it because it lets me quickly gain basic knowledge of almost anything in the rapidly changing development world. In the last year they have added many courses for deisgners and for IT Pros too.

The latest class that I’m just starting is Reach.js: Getting Started by Samer Buna. In this post I’ll capture a few key ideas that I learned in this excellent video/training. If you want to learn Reach.JS (who doesn’t right??), then I recommed watching this video on Pluralsight.

This month I’ve been diving into node.js and javascript frameworks. Knowledge of frameworks and tools like express, bower, gulp, angular, and react are going to be important, even to a Microsoft oriented developer.

If you want to see the official documentation, jump over to Why React.

React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces by Facebook and Instagram. Many people choose to think of React as the V in MVC. We built React to solve one problem: building large applications with data that changes over time. -Facebook on Github

Notes from React.js Getting Started

  1. Plunker - browser JS editor Nice tool that lets you play around with React.js in the browser. Can be used for lots of frameworks and experiments.
  2. Ok, well I didn’t get too far today. I’ll hopefully get back to this before the week becomes too crazy and finish the post with toughts about React.JS.