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Kubernetes On Azure

Kubernetes - #2 on Holiday Techie Fun Project List

So yesterday I posted on this blog for the first time since 6/16 (is that 18 months?!). In that post I shared my Holiday Techie Fun Project List in which I have listed my candidate geeky projects for the holiday season. Project #1 was getting this blog back to the point where I could easily manage it again - this time on Windows using Bash Shell.

Today’s project, which I started last night, is to stand up a sample app running in Azure’s new Kubernetes Service (AKS). I’m happy to report that I finished that one early this afternoon. There were two primary articles that helped guide me through.

These are both similar. The Hanselman’s post had some extra coolness at the end to launch the Kubernetes Dashboard. Also his article included the parameter to create a single node cluster (the default is three node). I worked on this both in the portal CLI and the local CLI. The local CLI has the extra step of requiring a login (az login).

There were a number of issues that I ran into getting this running. The biggest was that I kept getting bad request for missing registrations on Microsoft.Network and Microsoft.Compute. I’m still not clear on why, but the following seemed to fix the issue.

  • az provider register -n Microsoft.Compute
  • az provider register -n Microsoft.Network

Also note that I created a three node cluster. I’m not sure about the cost etc. so I was sure to tear it down at the end.

  • az group delete -n davidmcdAKSrg –yes

This was super fun and I learned lots. I can’t wait to get started on tomorrow’s project.